Science in the Southern Ocean


If you’re looking for more information on ocean science, phytoplankton and ocean acidification, please explore the following links.

Interested in an introduction to physical oceanography?  There’s a free oceanography textbook available online, and as a free download, from Dr. Robert H. Stewart at Texas A & M University.

What role do plankton play in controlling global climate?  Read Paul Falkowski’s March 2012 Nature article, The Power of Plankton.

What is ocean acidification?  And what are carbon emissions doing to the ocean?  Read Elizabeth Kolbert’s 2006 New Yorker article, The Darkening Sea.

To learn more about climate change, and the effects of climate change on the ocean, listen to this episode of World Ocean Radio on the December 2011 U.N. climate talks, held in Durban, South Africa.

If you’d like more information on the Great Belt Research Cruises and the research being conducted, an interview with Chief Scientist Dr. Barney Balch, recorded during our 2011 cruise, is available from Maine Public Radio.