Science in the Southern Ocean


Lab Work at Sea

The goal of this project is to increase ocean literacy by inspiring and encouraging students and the public to learn about oceanography, life at sea and career options in ocean science.  Cruise research activities and the experiences of the scientists and crew aboard the R/V Revelle will be shared through the blog, images and direct interactions with scientists.  Information on all aspects of the research cruise can be found on this website and on the blog, which features daily reports from the ship.  The Bigelow Laboratory scientists on board have partnered with their community schools and a number of Maine island schools to bring the cruise to Maine students through pre- and post-cruise school visits and direct interactions from the ship.  I encourage other schools to become involved too, by following the blog and interacting with us by asking questions via email and Skype.

Learning outcomes for students participating in this project include:

  • Understanding how human behavior affects oceans
  • Understanding that microorganisms such as phytoplankton play a vital role in the overall health of the oceans and the planet
  • Understanding the role the oceans play on weather, climate and global warming
  • Understanding the tools oceanographers use to study the ocean
  • Increased awareness of careers in ocean science and the schooling necessary for these careers

Once the cruise is underway, education activities related to our research will be posted here.  Additional teaching materials can be found on the Education Resources page.

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